Stop Smoking Service Expansion in Coventry

August 12, 2019 0

Central Health Solutions is looking to expand their list of pharmacies offering Smoking Cessation service in Coventry. They have a full training package ready to support your staff and you will be provided with resources. Coventry has a higher than national smoking prevalence; there are currently 45,064 adult smokers in Coventry that costs society approximately £77.3m every year. You can help to reduce the numbers of smokers and reduce the number of health related conditions and deaths due to smoking (Smoking Advisors save lives)!

Current payments for this service are:

  • £3 per client setting a quit date
  • £65 per client achieving a verified 4 week quit
  • an additional £22.50 per client achieving a 12 week quit
  • £3 per redeemed NRT voucher
  • £7.50 per initial consultation and supply of Champix (via Patient Group Direction (PGD))
  • £3 per subsequent supply of Champix (via PGD and up to a maximum of 6 follow up Champix supplies per client)
  • reimbursement for all pharmacotherapy products (nicotine replacement therapy and varenicline) at Chemist and Druggist prices

If you would like more information and/or a copy of the service specification then please email




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