Emergency Closure Procedure Reminder

November 15, 2019

Due to recent extensive flooding in the West-Midlands region, your pharmacy may be forced to close on certain days. We would like to remind our contractors that the the local NHSE pharmacy team (england.pharmacypaymentswm@nhs.net) must be notified of any closures, planned or unplanned.

In case of any emergency closures (flood, snow, fire, power outage, etc) you need to complete the “Unplanned Temporary Suspension of Services” form (Annex 14) and send it to england.pharmacypaymentswm@nhs.net.

This form can also be downloaded from the following page, which has links to other Annex documents of Chapter 36 of the Pharmacy Manual:

Please also make sure that you inform patients with a notice, NHS111 Provider, DoS if providing services, local surgery etc.

This should all be part of your existing Business Continuity Plan.

If you need further assistance, please contact the LPC.

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