Dry January National Public Health Campaign

January 7, 2020

Community pharmacies in England will have received a set of “Dry January” calendars which can be handed out to customers. This is in support of January’s alcohol harm reduction campaign. These have been produced by Alcohol Change UK. Please note that these resources will not be delivered to Distance-Selling Pharmacies, we would instead ask that you make use of digital materials to support the campaign such as those signposted below.

Alcohol Change UK have also produced a range of free digital resources that can be used on digital display screens, email, websites and social media. We would encourage all pharmacies to make use of these resources where possible. These can be downloaded on the following link:


This campaign will run throughout January 2020.

Virtual Outcomes have produced a training module supporting the mandatory alcohol consumption awareness campaign in January. You can access it the usual way by logging in with your pharmacy F-code on the following link: https://www.virtualoutcomes.co.uk/pharmacy-training/

You can find the flyer for this training module HERE.



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