Virtual Outcomes EPS4/eRD training available

May 19, 2020

NHSBSA has recently introduced a system to automatically identify patients that may be eligible for eRD. This has been available for some time but has gained more importance due to Covid19. You should start to notice a significant increase in this activity across the LPC areas. We recommend that you familiarise yourself with the requirements for eRD if you have not had many patients using it to date. You can also make recommendations to the surgery for patients that you feel are suitable, especially if you have discussed this with them. It is expected that the individual consent requirements may be lifted, in order to progress to the switchover at pace.

Increasing eRD has many benefits, such as reducing footfall in GP practices and pharmacies, reducing workload and allowing for better management of the supply chain.

Virtual Outcomes have released a 15 min e-learning course to help pharmacies understand the implications of EPS Release 4 and how to approach eRD. This short course is designed to give you the background and overview of the topics along with signposting you to more information should you require it. Pharmacies currently can access VirtualOutcomes training; you need to use your F-code to log in.

You can view the flyer HERE and access the training HERE.

We have also compiled some eRD resources on the LPC website.


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