June 20, 2018 Newsletter0

Over the last five years the GPhC have made significant improvements to how we regulate registered pharmacies.

They now want to further develop their approach, to:

  • provide greater assurance to patients and the public and the pharmacy sector that registered pharmacies are meeting standards
  • continue driving improvement in the quality of services and care for the public

A more flexible and agile approach

Their new approach will increasingly use information and intelligence, using the data and insight they collate to effectively target their resources where they can have the most impact. This will enable them to efficiently respond to the changing needs of patients and the public and to changes in pharmacy.

They propose the following key changes:

  1. Changes to the types of inspections – planning to move to a new model that includes three types of inspection: routine inspections, intelligence-led inspections and themed inspections. To make sure they are more agile and responsive to information held, intelligence received and issues identified within pharmacy.
  2. Moving to unannounced inspections – they are proposing that in future inspections will be unannounced, as a general rule. This will make sure the outcomes of the inspection reflect whether the pharmacy is meeting the standards every day.
  3. Changing inspection outcomes – they are proposing to change the present model for inspection outcomes. There would be two possible outcomes for an inspection overall (‘standards met’ or ‘standards not all met’), and four possible findings at the principle level (‘standards not all met’, ‘standards met’, ‘good practice’ and ‘excellent practice’).
  4. Requiring all standards to be met to receive an overall ‘standards met’ outcome – if any standard was found not to be met, this would result in a ‘standards not all met’ outcome overall.
  5. Publishing inspection reports – we are planning to publish inspection reports, and improvement action plans when relevant, on a new website. This will be designed so that the information is easy to search and analyse.
  6. Sharing examples of notable practice – we will also publish examples of notable practice that we identify through inspections in a ‘knowledge hub’ on the new website. This will help encourage continuous learning and improvement in pharmacy.


Please see the following presentation: registered-pharmacies-consultation-toolkit-presentation


Contact details for your local Coventry and Warwickshire GPhC Inspector  Direct: 0203 713 7911


May 8, 2018 Newsletter0

Join us for free on Sunday 10 June for an event dedicated to community pharmacy. We have been advising on the development of the agenda and are looking forward to the great range of sessions on offer. Topics will include:

  • Revalidation for Pharmacists
  • Optimising retail and OTC sales
  • GDPR
  • Overcoming supply chain challenges
  • Workforce planning and upskilling
  • Beyond Healthy Living Pharmacy
  • Business planning
  • Establishing new commissioned services

To book your free place click here and quote “COVLPC”:


April 26, 2018 Newsletter0

There have been a number of reports of NHS England seeking to carry out reviews or audits of pharmacy contractors’ Out of Pocket (OOP) expenses.

In one request NHS England told a number of pharmacy contractors that their level of claims was more than four times that of their peers and represented a significant level of dispensing and they wanted to understand the rationale for this.

To assist contractors and LPCs the following FAQs have been prepared in the below document:

Out of Pocket Expenses


April 26, 2018 Newsletter0

Central Health have been successful in securing a Service Level Agreement with Ice Creates for the provision of smoking cessation.  Ice Creates won the tender to provide the Adult Healthy Lifestyles Service (of which smoking cessation is part) and CHS are pleased to be working with them. Please see the below documents for further details on the service:





April 16, 2018 Newsletter0

The information will also be added to the Resources section of the LPC website.
The LPC is running an event on 25th April in Coventry.
A copy of the presentation can be found here: GDPR GPhC Event Presentation vs website May 2018
GDPR handouts, resources and links:

Guidance for Community Pharmacy – Part 1 – Version 1

Guidance for Community Pharmacy (shorter version) – Part 2 – Version 1

Workbook for Community Pharmacy – Part 3 – Version 1

Preparing for GDPR – 12 Steps

GPhC handouts, resources and links:

GPhC revalidation framework January 2018

Example records for revalidation for pharmacy professionals

QPS – June 2018 handouts, resources and links:

NHS mail guide for pharmacies

NHS mail FAQ’s 2017

Adding Bank Holidays to NHS Choices

SCR Quality Payments Viewing Calculator has been published



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