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December 5, 2019 News

A further module has been added to the Virtual Outcomes training library, supporting the national public health winter campaign, Help Us Help You.

All our pharmacies have free access to this training, along with all previously released modules. You can find the complete list of available Virtual Outcomes courses HERE.

An article about appointing  PCN leads has also been been published to compliment the PCN module released previously. You can read it  HERE.

These new resources have been added to the LPC website.


December 5, 2019 News

The following pharmacies are going to be open in Coventry during the upcoming Christmas and New Year bank holidays:

See below or click on the following LINK to open and download PDF file.


November 19, 2019 News

Virtual Outcomes have just released their PCN training module. It is accessible by logging in with your pharmacy F-code the usual way on the following link:

There’s also a blog post available: PRIMARY CARE NETWORKS: EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW

These links have been added to the LPC website as well for future reference. We would also like to remind you that our website has a dedicated PCN section with lots of links and information.


November 15, 2019 News

Due to recent extensive flooding in the West-Midlands region, your pharmacy may be forced to close on certain days. We would like to remind our contractors that the the local NHSE pharmacy team ( must be notified of any closures, planned or unplanned.

In case of any emergency closures (flood, snow, fire, power outage, etc) you need to complete the “Unplanned Temporary Suspension of Services” form (Annex 14) and send it to

This form can also be downloaded from the following page, which has links to other Annex documents of Chapter 36 of the Pharmacy Manual:

Please also make sure that you inform patients with a notice, NHS111 Provider, DoS if providing services, local surgery etc.

This should all be part of your existing Business Continuity Plan.

If you need further assistance, please contact the LPC.


November 12, 2019 News

This winter’s Help Us Help You campaign was launched on Monday. Our pharmacy contractors are reminded that they need to display the following promotional materials in their pharmacies as part of the mandatory public health campaign:

  • A5 Stay Well This Winter leaflets (plus countertop dispenser, which can be used by contractors if they wish);
  • A4 Flu poster aimed at at-risk groups; and
  • A4 Flu poster aimed at pregnant women.

The additional resources contained in the pack do not form part of the contractual requirements, but pharmacies are strongly encouraged to display and use these as well during the winter period.  More information about these additional resources can be found on the PSNC website.

Pharmacies were sent these campaign materials during late October/early November.  If you have still not received your promo packs by Friday 15th November 2019, please contact: stating the pharmacy name, address and name of the campaign(s) you have not received materials for.

Social media and digital resources for the campaign are also available on PHE’s Campaign Resource Centre; contractors are encouraged to use these resources if possible.

We have added the links to the available resources on the LPC website.


November 7, 2019 News

For the attention of pharmacies in Warwickshire and Coventry:

Some Warwickshire Council staff may approach pharmacies for private flu jabs and request a receipt so that they can claim back the cost from the Council. They may choose to come to any pharmacy (i.e. could be outside of Warwickshire, possibly in Coventry). Pharmacies don’t need to do anything different in their recording – please record these jabs as private, not NHS, to avoid confusion.


November 4, 2019 News

Have you taken full advantage of the Virtual Outcomes training resources available to all our contractors in Coventry?

The courses are designed to support the NHS Public Health Campaigns and Healthy Living Pharmacy Champions and team to ensure the best outcomes for patients. There are new training modules released each month which can be accessed at any time.  All your team needs to access the training is your F Code and they will be able to see the courses available on the Virtual Outcomes website.  You can find more guidance on the LPC website.

You can also follow the Virtual Outcomes blog, and sign up for their news feed to make sure you don’t miss a new release.  The latest release is the Pharmacy Quality Scheme course, which consists of 5 modules.  A PharmOutcome Easy Guide video is also available when you log in to see the available resources. 

There several other courses available, which specifically support the new contract. Here are a few teaser videos relating to the new contract resources. For a full list of video trailers, please visit the following LINK.

We hope you’ll find all these resources a useful tool to help train pharmacy staff.




October 28, 2019 News

He have received some digital resources from HLS to support the Stop Smoking Service in Coventry and added a link to them on the website.

You can also download them directly from our Google Drive HERE.

Below are some social media post suggestions for the rest of Stoptober and beyond:


Example message 1:

With the support of a coach, you’re 4 times more likely to quit.

Contact Coventry’s FREE Smoking service today:

Freephone: 0800 122 3780



Example message 2:

Want to quit this Stoptober? Join Coventry’s FREE stop smoking service! Like (or follow if twitter) their page to follow their hits and tips this #Stoptober.


Example message 3:

Healthy Lifestyles Coventry have helped hundreds of people quit smoking. If you’re ready to quit smoking they can help you too!

Contact Coventry’s FREE Smoking service today:

Freephone: 0800 122 3780



We hope you can make use of these resources.




October 28, 2019 News

Ask Your Pharmacist (AYP) Week is the flagship annual public awareness campaign for community pharmacy across the UK. AYP Week is 11-18 November.

This year the emphasis will be on the suitability of pharmacists as providers of clinical advice and the suitability of community pharmacies as a setting for such advice, supporting the newly introduced CPCS service.

There are numerous digital resources available on the NPA website to support this campaign, which you access HERE.

Participation in this campaign is NOT mandatory, but contractors might find it worthwhile to raise awareness about this important aspect of community pharmacies.

This resource link has been added to our campaign calendar on the website for your reference.


October 22, 2019 News

Public Health England resources for the Help Us Help You (HUHY) Winter campaign will start arriving in pharmacies from late October/early November 2019.

The HUHY campaign is one of six campaigns, which have been agreed between PSNC and NHS England and NHS Improvement, as part of the Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework; therefore, all contractors must participate in this campaign.

If contractors have not received their packs by Friday 15th November 2019, they should email: stating the pharmacy name, address and name of the campaign they have not received materials for.

PSNC has published some details about these campaign materials, which you can find HERE. You will have also received a communication from Pharmacy Team West Midlands, a copy of which you can find HERE.

We have also updated the campaign calendar on the LPC website for your reference. We’ll add the digital resources here when they are released by PHE closer to the date.

If you need help organising your campaign, PSNC has a useful briefing (#032.19) on Holding a Health Promotion Campaign.


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