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CPAF 2019-2020

Community pharmacies across England are requested to complete the CPAF screening questionnaire every year as part of the updated Community Pharmacy Assurance Framework.

The results of this screening questionnaire, along with other locally held information such as any concerns that have been identified previously by regional teams, the Provider Assurance team or from other NHSBSA data, will help NHS England local teams to identify which pharmacies should be considered for a contract monitoring visit and asked to complete the full CPAF questionnaire.

This year the screening questionnaire is available for all pharmacies to complete from Monday 3 June 2018 until Sunday 30 June 2019.

July 2019 Update: CPAF screening questionnaire 2019 is  now closed. 


Please find below a collection of resources relating to the 2019-2020 CPAF process.

Online Screening Questionnaire (available until Sunday 30th June)

Printable (Dummy) Screening Questionnaire (for reference and training purposes only!)

NHSBSA Website CPAF Page

CPAF Process 2019-2020

Email from the Pharmacy Team (

PSNC Briefing CPAF Screening Process


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