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PSNC Covid-19 Daily Updates Archive

Below you can find the daily communications from PSNC since the Covid-19 crisis began in March 2020. Please be aware that some of the information may have been superseded since:

  • October 2020
  • September 2020
  • August 2020
  • July 2020
  • June 2020
  • May 2020
  • April 2020
  • March 2020
October 2020

October 22: access to Government flu vaccine supplies; new patient comms on flu vaccinations

October 21: SSP briefings; latest guidance on Test and Trace; getting the most out of HSCN; medicine supply notifications

October 20: changes to the Pharmacy Terms of Service; SSPs issued for Fluoxetine and Salazopyrin

October 19: regulation changes to allow more healthcare workers to administer vaccinations; a round-up of NHS Test and Trace guidance

October 16: PPE portal reminder; disallowed EPS items; PSNC on Radio 4

October 15: October price concessions; medicines supply notifications; LPC Members’ Day events

October 14: statement on additional flu stock; medicines recall notices

October 13: Brexit Forum reconvened; dm+d and EPS factsheet

October 12: PSNC updates Test and Trace advice

October 09: pharmacy bodies warn of closures due to NHS Test and Trace decisions;  additional PQS guidance on PCN Domains

October 08: PQS Aspiation payment reminder; update on Priadel withdrawal

October 07: advice for community pharmacy teams on NHS Test and Trace; new Government leaflet on flu vac supplies

October 06: flu vaccination campaign update; Clinical Consensus on Self Care; Priadel withdrawal paused; PSNC Member highlights quota issues

October 05: use of COVID-19 app by healthcare workers; EPS Phase 4 now at >90% of GP practices; Fluoxetine 40mg capsules SSP has expired

October 02: PQS Aspiration payment; CEO Blog; CPN magazine; Changes to regulations on single use plastics; PPE portal reminder

October 01:  new GPhC guidance on staff training; price concession for Tolterodine; Macrogol 3350 oral powder price correction; September COVID-19 impact survey

September 2020

September 30: bandings for Part 2 PQS and FAQ about being unable to open a pharmacy

September 29: Over 100 products added to the DND list; Sorting of prescriptions using red separators; RPS workforce wellbeing survey

September 28: digital guide to Part 2 PQS; changes to special container status; Local Health and Care Records case study; medicine supply notifications

September 25: massive demand for flu vaccinations; World Pharmacists’ Day; portal open for all COVID-19 PPE needs; Fluoxetine 40mg capsules SSP extended

September 24: Data Security and Protection Toolkit deadline; NHS COVID-19 app and QR posters; update on PQS resources; Brexit worst case scenarios

September 23: compulsory face coverings; further delivery service extension in local outbreak areas; PMR and clinical system integration rolled out; Stoptober campaign

September 22: NHSE&I PQS Part 2 guidance published; PQS e-learning modules available; PPE portal

September 21: COVID-secure preparations and Part 1 PQS; SMR guidance; CPCF health campaigns agreed for 2020/21

September 18: GPCPCS referrals to commence; Boxing Day 2020 hours; Test and Trace assessments

September 17: digital guide to the flu vaccination service; priority COVID-19 testing; Hep C Testing Service guidance

September 16: PQS Aspiration payment window opens; Pharmacy IT Group Meeting; LPC Conference 2020; FMD drug alert issued

September 15: NHS Clinical Entrepreneur programme; LPC Conference note; PCPA webinar this week

September 14: call for law change to improve medicine shortages; PNA and market entry regulations introduced

September 11: flu vaccination update special: funding for 2020/21 and vaccinating 50-64-year olds

September 10: use of PPE when providing flu vaccinations; verbal consent and remote consultations permitted for NMS and MURs; PSNC’s COVID-19 Hub

September 09: changes to NHSmail shared mailbox names; communicating with GPs about flu vaccinations; August COVID-19 impact survey

September 08: flu vaccination funding; 2021 public holiday guide for pharmacies; addition to parallel export ban list

September 07: PSNC Pharmacy Advice Audit: Results show pharmacies carry out one million consultations a week

September 04: report concludes pharmacy funding is insufficient; PSNC CEO funding negotiation interview; further delivery service extension; Lithium carbonate 400mg MR tablets; consultation on regulatory changes for COVID-19 and flu

September 03: new CPCS training workshops; further extension for Fluoxetine SSPs

September 02: verbal consent and remote consultations permitted for Advanced services; August COVID-19 impact survey

September 01: guidance on flu vaccination service; further local extension for delivery service; extension of emergency regulations; Jext price increase

August 2020

August 28: flu vaccination service specification published; PSNC statement on future of pharmacy representation; CEO Blog; CPN magazine

August 27: Part 2 Pharmacy Quality Scheme details and funding; launch date for Hepatitis C Testing Advanced service

August 26: PSNC Negotiations and CPCF Services Update

August 25: Flu update for contractors; submitting SSP claims

August 24: PPE guidance updated

August 21: PSNC asks contractors to reconsider free provision of non-CPCF services

August 20: Better Health campaign resources; mental health training survey; PPE portal FAQs

August 19: registration opens for Interim Foundation Pharmacist Programme; have your say on the future of pharmacy representation; last chance to complete July COVID-19 impact survey

August 18: new public health organisation; supporting safe use of OTC stimulant laxatives

August 17: Hancock thanks NHS workers; revised COVID-19 SOP for delivery of pharmacy services; issuing of Steroid Emergency Cards

August 14: endorsing non-Part VIII EPS items; end of Transition Period letter updated

August 13: July COVID-19 impact survey for independent pharmacies; Flu Vaccination Service; healthcare apps and NHS online services briefing

August 12: pharmacy media coverage; Pharmacy Quality Scheme; dispensing unlicensed medicines

August 11: updated COVID-19 SOP; have your say on the future of pharmacy representation; and summer MP engagement

August 10: PSNC webinar tonight; SSP for Fluoxetine 40mg capsules extended

August 07: new flexible approaches to flu vaccination service; further additions made to July 2020 price concessions

August 06: Part 2 PQS details released; COVID-19 support fund for general practice; rollout of EPS Phase 4; PPE portal for emergency supplies

August 05: more information on this year’s flu immunisation programme; reported drug quota issues

August 04: DHSC plans for end of Brexit transition; Pharmacy Representation Review next steps webinar; RPS inclusion and diversity group

August 03: PPE portal open for pharmacies; recently opened pharmacies to receive share of COVID-19 advance sums; July COVID-19 impact survey for independent pharmacies

July 2020

July 31: Pandemic Delivery Service extended for local outbreak areas; COVID-19 self-isolation period increased; monthly PSNC communications; upcoming claim deadlines

July 30: NHS workforce development plan; Pharmacy Representation Review next steps webinar; research on pharmacy’s role in COVID-19 pandemic; Foundation Pharmacist Programme

July 29: ACTNow wellbeing campaign; risk assessment survey reminder

July 28: new COVID-19 resources; PhIF evaluation; Cegedim integrates SCR 1-click

July 27: Better Health campaign launched; guidance on public face coverings use; GPhC to increase premises fees

July 24: expansion of NHS flu vaccinations; use of face masks by pharmacy staff; risk assessment progress survey; fake benzodiazepines alert

July 23: face coverings become mandatory in shops tomorrow; mental health training survey; pharmacist education and training reform

July 22: negotiations on pharmacy COVID-19 funding; APPG membership announced

July 21: BAME pharmacy leaders celebrated; COVID-19 rapid antibody tests

July 20: ending of Pandemic Delivery Service; pandemic improves attitudes to pharmacy and self care

July 17: staff risk assessment survey; face covering posters

July 16: digital guide to Pharmacy Quality Scheme; risk assessments webinar on-demand; SSP for Fluoxetine 40mg capsules extended

July 15:  Face coverings to be mandatory in shops and supermarkets; rollout of electronic notifications for CPCS; and guidance about employing pre-reg pharmacists

July 14: Pharmacy Advice Audit; and update to NHSBSA staff risk assessment survey

July 13: PQS announced for first part of 2020/21

July 10: Pharmacy Representation Review update; please submit your advice audit data urgently

July 09: staff risk assessment progress survey; June COVID-19 pressures survey

July 08: Negotiations begin on pharmacy COVID-19 funding

July 07: Pharmacy Advice Audit reminder; quota reporting form

July 06: support for individual staff risk assessments; weekly news updates

July 03: early guidance on Flu Vaccination Service; June COVID-19 operational pressures survey; Pharmacy Advice Audit reminder

July 02: new Test and Trace guidance; NHS Health Check restart webinar; electronic prescriptions exceed 85%.

July 01: delivery service formally extended; changes to NMS requirements; advice audit reminder

June 2020

June 30: extensions made to COVID-19 provisions; monthly PSNC communications; availability of Epipen

June 29:  further £20m cash injection to ease cashflow challenges; reminder to take part in the Pharmacy Advice Audit this week; GPhC and CMA letter on pandemic pricing

June 26: staff risk assessments required urgently; Pharmacy Representation Review webinar; new resource on special container updates; GPhC advice on COVID-19 antibody testing

June 25: PSNC CEO video on advice audit; heatwave advice for patients; Phenelzine Sulphate supply disruption

June 24: share your innovation; new and updated COVID-19 FAQs

June 23: digital guide on the pharmacy advice audit; COVID-19 payments due on 1st July

June 22: changes for those who are shielding; last chance for Early May Bank Holiday opening claims; PSNC Pharmacy Advice Audit update

June 19: Over 300,000 CPCS referrals; Representation Review findings; GPhC advises pharmacies to review risks; PSNC Audit reminder

June 18: COVID-19 FAQs review; Evorel availability; June price concessions

June 17: Matt Hancock pharmacy visit; reminder to share COVID-19 innovation; parallel export ban for dexamethasone

June 16: Community Pharmacy Consultation Audit; updated risk assessment template; reminder to claim for 8th May Bank Holiday opening

June 15: PSNC advice on use of facemasks and face coverings in community pharmacies

June 12: re-determination of Ranitidine price concession; healthcare digital learning platform

June 11: reviewing your infection control procedures; latest PSNC CEO message to the sector; weekly news updates

June 10: guidance on minimising spread of infection; amended public information posters; emergency closure checklist; free coaching support

June 09: Pandemic Delivery Service review; Flu Vaccination Service update; operational pressures survey reminder

June 08: webinar showcasing pharmacy’s response to COVID-19; share your innovative ways of working

June 05: antibody testing programme; PPE update; changes to eRD consent

June 04: COVID-19 operational pressures survey; weekly news updates

June 03: NHS Test and Trace; update on quota issues; PSNC resources on COVID-19

June 02: supporting carers during the pandemic; Fluoxetine 10mg tablets SSP extended; NHS IT developments

June 01: reporting quota restricted lines; end of month submission; advice for smokers and vapers

May 2020

May 29: PSNC’s May meeting; PSNC COVID-19 communications; pharmacy social media campaign

May 28: further £50m injection to ease cashflow challenges; and NHS Test and Trace

May 27: primary care campaign day; changes to the Pharmacy Earlier Payment Scheme; returned medicines guidance

May 26: 8th May Bank Holiday claims; COVID-19 related payment guide; Help Us Help You campaign

May 22: PNA renewal suspension; PSNC presses for new approach to script switching; provisional registration policy for trainees; wellbeing support guide; Bank Holiday social media graphic

May 21: pharmacy staff wellbeing campaign; full details of death in service benefits scheme; NHSE&I webinar on-demand

May 20: drug and alcohol services guidance; 8th May bank holiday payment claims; advice on using Smartcards.

May 19: Category M prices increase by £15m; 25th May bank holiday announcement; NHSE&I webinar; CPCS consultation claim deadline

May 18: new COVID-19 symptom; learning resources from CPPE; Pandemic Delivery Service guidance

May 15: PSNC CEO video message; market entry activity resumed; new HEE resources

May 14: Annual flu letter published; wellbeing support; and RPS survey

May 13: Additional SCR information; GPhC examples of best practice; and FAQs

May 12: Extension of death in service benefits to pharmacy teams; resources for MP engagement; and weekly news updates

May 11: Drug Tariff adjustments; 25th May Bank Holiday opening; NHSE&I webinar now on-demand; update on use of rapid tests in pharmacies; COVID-19 impact survey

May 08: Update on safety net indemnity; volunteers scheme poster; Ministers thank pharmacy; share your stories

May 07: guidance on CD regulations for pandemic supply; wholesaler order cut-off timings; bank holiday social media resources

May 06: date change for NHSE&I webinar; DoS reminder for 8th May; how to deliver the Pandemic Delivery Service; training for pharmacy students and those returning to practice

May 05: safety net indemnity applies to community pharmacy; NHSE&I webinar; Yellow Card reporting site for COVID-19 treatments; keeping your NHS website entry up-to-date

May 04: risk assessment template; returned medicines guidance; updating Early May Bank Holiday hours in DoS

May 01: (update 2) NHSE&I announcement on 8th May openings

May 01: (update 1) Pandemic Delivery Service claims; end of month submission tips; 2020/21 Flu Vaccination Service; supporting domestic abuse victims

April 2020

April 30: death in service benefits; medicines re-use guidance; CD regulations amended; digital guide to delivery service

April 29: PPE availability; police security advice; end of month claims; patient access to volunteers; April edition of CPN; media resource hub

April 28: market entry applications; SCR access for locums; new PSNC FAQs

April 27: staff testing update; SCR additional information becomes default; prescriber guidance on using EPS remotely

April 24: NHSE&I intentions for 8th May; COVID-19 related payments; call for removal of prescription charge; patient facing information; Primary Care Bulletin

April 23: 8th May Bank Holiday; NHSE&I webinar on-demand; scam warning

April 22: EPS projects to support the pandemic response; celebrating #pharmacyheroes

April 21: posters being sent to pharmacies; delivery service flowchart; NHSE&I webinar

April 20: testing for pharmacy staff; community pharmacists support new Clinical Assessment Service; weekly news and guidance updates

April 17: Easter Bank Holiday payment claims; testing for pharmacy staff; Health Select Committee; maintaining pharmacy services; shielded flag on SCR 1-click

April 16: PPE for primary care; webinar on-demand; emergency regulations; temporary closures advice; BBC coverage; latest FAQs

April 15: PSNC webinar, RPS and GPhC statement on volunteers; deployment of MPharm students

April 14: training for the Flu Vaccination Service; national press coverage; keeping your pharmacy open; Pandemic Delivery Service FAQs; ibuprofen advice

April 13: new public information posters; NHSE&I wellbeing support; MP recognition of pharmacy; PSNC webinar reminder

April: 10: delivery service launches; social media resources; media round-up; useful information on Easter opening; PSNC Easter working

April 09: video from pharmacy CEOs; keeping NHS website up-to-date; personal safety; market entry

April 08: delivery service agreed; funding for Easter opening; PSNC webinars; legitimacy letter for police

April 07: delivery service update; Easter opening clarification; access to PPE; NHSE&I webinar; SCR vulnerability flag; volunteers training

April 06: weekly news updates; the latest on PPE; chloroquine and hydrocychloroquine; supporting health and justice services; media and parliamentary work

April 04: Easter opening hours; Letter from the Minister; EPS nominations via NHS App

April 03: Pharmacies to be required to open on Good Friday and Easter Monday

April 02: Easter opening negotiation, urgent supplies, update PPE guidance, helping other care workers, delivery training

April 01: Easter opening, NHSE&I letter, delivery service, PPE, prescription charges


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