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Risk Assessment for Pharmacies

The Covid-19 pandamic has higlighted the importance of risk assessments in pharmacies. The NHS letter dated June 24 states that “All employers need to make significant progress in deploying risk assessments within the next two weeks and complete them – at least for all staff in at-risk groups – within four weeks”.  Below is a collection of resources to help pharmacies carry out their risk assessment procedures. These risk assessment tools/forms are not mandatory – pharmacies may choose to use their own resources.

NHS Letter

NHS Risk Assessment Letter June 24

NHS Risk Assessment for Staff

Safe Working for NHS Staff

NHS Pharmacy Team Email

Email Communication from Pharmacy Team West Midlands

Staff Support and Risk Assessment for Pharmacies (BAME)

Social Distancing and Infection Control Risk Assessment Tool

Risk Assessment in Pharmacy FAQs

Risk Assessment Form (including BAME)

NHSBSA Data Collection

Risk Assessment Declaration Link July 2020

Risk Assessment Declaration Guidance

Clarification: Q3 and 4 are asking – of those staff known to be in the at-risk or BAME categories prior to the risk assessment process, how many of them have had a risk assessment completed. The denominator is all staff known to fit that classification (not all staff known to fit that classification who have accepted the offer of a risk assessment).

Further Resources

RPS Guidance

GPhC Risk Assessment Statement

HSE Risk Assessment Resources

COVID-19: LPC Office Risk Assessment


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