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Our contract with Virtual Outcomes has been extended for another year from 1st August 2019, so we can continue bringing you new training modules on this page. 

As part of our on-going programme of training, the LPC has arranged an on-line training solution for all our pharmacy contractors. The courses are designed to support the NHS Public Health Campaigns and Healthy Living Pharmacy Champions and team to ensure the best outcomes for Patients. The training is provided by Virtual Outcomes and is a monthly on-line training course that can be accessed at any time. The courses are free to all contractors and their teams. On the 1st of each month a new course will become available and can be accessed at work or at home via a PC, tablet or mobile device. All your team needs to access the training is your F Code and they will be able to see the courses available. You can access all courses since January 2018.

Features & Benefits:

• Each course takes 15-25 minutes to complete
• Certificate of completion – to go in Healthy Living Pharmacy and/or GPhC file as evidence of continued staff training
• Links to websites for resources to support the campaigns are on website and easy to access
• Hints and Tips on how to set up HLP Health Zones
• New staff will be able to access ALL the courses available

Please follow this link for further details: https://www.virtualoutcomes.co.uk/

You can access all courses through this LINK by logging in with your credentials.

The 2019 training programme supports the six national public health campaigns. There will be a training module available on each of the 6 topics prior to the start of the national campaign to ensure that pharmacy teams have links to the resources available so that they can build great displays as well as having the knowledge to support their customers.

In July 2019, further modules were announced to support the requirements of the New Pharmacy Contract.

You can see a list of all training modules in the right hand column on this page.

You can access the Virtual Outcomes Blog HERE.

You can find a list of podcasts HERE.

There are also short video trailers available for some of the modules. You can find them HERE.

Below is a video guide that shows you how to access Virtual Outcomes courses:

VirtualOutcomes Introduction and ‘How to’ Video from VirtualOutcomes on Vimeo.

Accredited RSPH Health Champion Training From VirtualOutcomes from VirtualOutcomes on Vimeo.

Links to Resources:

Sign-up for Virtual Outcomes Newsletter:
Newsletter Sign-up

How to register/log-in:
VirtualOutcomes Login Easy Guide

Training Schedule:
VO Online Training programme 2020 
VO Online Training Programme 2019
New Contract Training Programme 2019

VO Online Training Programme 2018

Training Calendar
New Contract Training Calendar

Health Champion Training:
Health Champion Training (About)
Health Champion Training (Video)
Health Champion Training (Sign-Up)

New Contract Training Resources:
New Pharmacy Contract
Community Pharmacist Consultation Service
Diabetes: Foot and Eye Checks
Pharmacy Quality Scheme
Primary Care Networks

Flyers 2019:
January 2019: Cervical Cancer Screening
January 2019: FMD
February 2019: Help Us Help You
March 2019: Preventing Falls
March 2019: Data Security and Protection (DSP) 
April 2019: Children’s Oral Health
May 2019: Stroke
June 2019: Safeguarding
July 2019: Dementia
July 2019: Revalidation Module 2
August 2019: Antimicrobial Resitance
September 2019:
October 2019: Diabetes: Foot and Eye Checks
November 2019: Primary Care Networks
November/December 2019: Help Us Help You

Articles 2019:
The Importance of Cancer Screening
FMD for Pharmacy
Help Us Help You
Preventing Falls

DSP Toolkit
Children’s Oral Health (Part 1)
Children’s Oral Health (Part 2)
How to recognise Stroke Symptoms
Antibiotic Resistance
Diabetes: Foot and Eye Checks
Lung Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment
Pharmacy Quality Scheme Overview
Primary Care Networks
Appointing a Pharmacy PCN Lead

Flyers 2018:
July 2018: Get Ready for Summer
August 2018: Blood in Pee
September 2018: Flu Vaccination
September 2018: GPhC Revalidation
October 2018: Addiction and Drug Misuse
November 2018: QPS Scheme 2019
November 2018: NHSE National Clinical Audit
December 2018: Alcohol Consumption


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